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Gas Fitting in Adelaide

When it comes to gas fitting in Adelaide we all know how important it is to always trust a fully qualified, insured and local Adelaide gas fitter. Attempting any do-it-yourself repairs or new installations on gas appliances is downright dangerous as well as illegal if you are unqualified.

Gas is an extremely versatile fuel used for home heating, cooking and hot water but it is also highly combustible and dangerous. For any Adelaide gas fitting requirement or gas leak detection and repair service call the specialists from ABA Plumbing & Gas.

Our Adelaide gas fitters are available 24/7 with a same day emergency gas fitting service. Call us anytime, or complete our online Adelaide gas fitter booking form.

Adelaide Gas Safety Check from only $99

At ABA Plumbing & Gas we’re offering gas safety checks in Adelaide from only $99. One of our fully qualified technicians will attend to your residential or commercial property to undergo various checks to ensure that no gas leaks are present, as well as safety checking that your gas appliances have been installed correctly and are not past their service due dates.

It is extremely important to know that your gas hot water heater and/or your gas room heater has been serviced as advised by the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise there could be the possibility that they are producing carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless and deadly gas that is often referred to as ‘the silent killer’ and is produced from faulty or poorly maintained gas appliances.

A gas safety check is always a good idea when you have moved into a new home and are unsure when the gas appliances were last serviced. Or, if you are a landlord who rents out your home you must ensure that any indoor gas appliances are serviced every two years.

For an affordable gas safety check in Adelaide contact ABA Plumbing & Gas anytime to arrange.

Do you suspect a gas leak?

Major gas leaks in Adelaide are a rare occurrence – this is usually due to the sulphuric smell of the gas tipping us off that there is a leak present, allowing for the problem to be rectified immediately.

There are other signs, apart from the rotten egg smell, that can alert us to a gas leak:

  • A gas appliance is making a hissing sound
  • Changes in the colour of your gas pilot light
  • An increase in your gas bill for no obvious reason
  • If you notice dying patches of grass there may be an underground gas leak present
  • If you notice health problems during, or after, using a gas appliance – such as headaches, nausea or flu like symptoms (most commonly noticed in young children or the elderly). This could be a sign that carbon monoxide is present

Should any of the above signs or symptoms present then pick up the phone and call the Adelaide gas fitting professionals from ABA Plumbing & Gas on 08 8297 7637. We have an Adelaide gas fitter available 24/7, providing a same day emergency gas fitting service across all metro suburbs of Adelaide. When it comes to gas you MUST play it safe and act immediately!

There’s only one name you need to remember for all of your Adelaide gas fitting requirements – ABA Plumbing & Gas.

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Gas leak detection and repair

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Gas safety checks starting from only $99

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