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Adelaide toilet repairs & replacements

Do you have a broken or blocked toilet in Adelaide? Then don’t delay – call the Adelaide toilet repair and replacement experts from ABA Plumbing & Gas. We don’t mess around and can be at your home or office on the same day as your plumber booking with an emergency 24/7 Adelaide plumbing service available, covering all metro suburbs of Adelaide.


You should call in an experienced and fully qualified plumber as soon as you notice signs of a damaged or blocked toilet, including:
  • Water always running into the bowl
  • Cisterns not filling fast enough
  • Toilets not flushing properly
  • Cisterns that make noise when filling
  • Water dripping onto the floor from the toilet
  • Water dripping onto the floor when in use or flushing
  • Water leaking from under the toilet

Same day emergency plumber in Adelaide

Leaving a blocked or damaged toilet can result in further and more expensive damage, and when it comes to wastewater the risk of contamination and serious health concerns can quickly occur.

Your toilet repair may be a simple fix or a complete toilet replacement may be required – either way the Adelaide toilet repair experts from ABA Plumbing & Gas will have the best solution for you at an affordable cost.

If a toilet replacement is essential, or you require a brand new toilet installation in your new build, then we have some outstanding specials on a variety of toilet suites and we use well-known and trusted brands such as Caroma, Fowler, Stylus and more.

No matter the problem with your toilet call us any time on 08 8297 7637 for a fast, friendly and efficient Adelaide toilet repair, replacement or new installation service – covering all metro areas.

What are the main causes of blocked toilet or a toilet that won’t flush?

Here at ABA Plumbing & Gas we have found that the main reasons for a blocked toilet repair in Adelaide is due to tree root blockages within the sewer pipes. Tree roots search the grounds for dampness and nutrients which is easily available to them within our underground pipes. If there is even the smallest crack in your pipes a tree root can certainly get in and will soon grow to a large mass, causing a blockage. Other reasons for blocked toilets in Adelaide include the flushing of foreign on non-degradable objects such as sanitary products, baby wipes, children’s toys through to even flushing too much toilet paper and the age of the toilet.

For a toilet that won’t flush this could be due to a problem with your supply line leaving the tank empty, the flapper may be damaged or there is a problem with the lift chain.

Regardless of the reason for your broken or blocked toilet in Adelaide our plumbing professionals will quickly identify the cause and will have all of the tools and parts required for a fast and reliable toilet repair or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I tell if my toilet needs repairs?

Signs include constant clogging, slow flushing, leaks around the base, or unusual sounds. If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to consider toilet repairs. Contact ABA Plumbing & Gas for a thorough inspection and efficient solutions.

Can I attempt DIY toilet repairs?

While minor issues like a loose handle can be DIY, complex problems should be handled by professionals. ABA Plumbing & Gas experts have the skills and tools to address various toilet repairs effectively, ensuring lasting solutions.

What causes a toilet to keep running after flushing?

Running toilets can result from a faulty flapper, damaged fill valve, or a worn-out flush valve seal. ABA Plumbing & Gas can identify the root cause and provide quick repairs to stop your toilet from running continuously.

How much does it cost to repair a toilet?

The cost varies based on the issue. ABA Plumbing & Gas offers transparent pricing, and our team discusses costs upfront. From simple repairs to more extensive fixes, we tailor solutions to your specific toilet issues.

My toilet is frequently clogged. What could be the problem?

Frequent clogs may be due to a blocked trap, sewer line issues, or improper flushing. ABA Plumbing & Gas can diagnose the cause and implement effective solutions, ensuring your toilet functions smoothly without constant clogging.

How do you fix a toilet that won't flush properly?

Toilet flushing issues can stem from a faulty flapper, low water levels, or problems with the flush valve. ABA Plumbing & Gas experts assess the situation and perform necessary repairs to restore proper flushing functionality.

Is it common for toilets to develop cracks and leaks?

Over time, toilets can develop cracks or leaks due to wear and tear. ABA Plumbing & Gas conducts thorough inspections to identify cracks and leaks, providing timely repairs to prevent water damage and maintain toilet integrity.

Can ABA Plumbing & Gas upgrade old toilets for better efficiency?

Yes, ABA Plumbing & Gas can upgrade old toilets to improve efficiency and water conservation. Our team offers modern, water-saving toilet installations and retrofits, ensuring your bathroom fixtures meet current standards.

How long does it take to repair a toilet?

The time for toilet repairs varies based on the complexity of the issue. ABA Plumbing & Gas prioritises prompt service, aiming for efficient repairs to minimise inconvenience and restore your toilet’s functionality quickly.

How much should it cost to have a toilet replaced?

The cost to replace a toilet can vary depending on factors like the type of toilet and installation requirements. ABA Plumbing & Gas provides transparent pricing, discussing costs upfront to ensure you have a clear understanding of the investment needed for a new toilet.

How much does a plumber charge to replace a toilet fill valve?

The cost to replace a toilet fill valve can vary, but ABA Plumbing & Gas provides clear and competitive pricing for such repairs. Our skilled plumbers assess the situation, discuss the costs with you, and efficiently replace the fill valve to restore proper toilet function.

Is it better to fix a toilet or buy a new one?

Whether to fix or replace a toilet depends on the severity of the issue. Our toilet plumber Adelaide can assess the condition and provide honest recommendations. In some cases, simple repairs may suffice, while in others, investing in a new, efficient toilet could be more cost-effective in the long run.

Can ABA Plumbing & Gas fix a wobbly toilet?

Yes, ABA Plumbing & Gas can fix a wobbly toilet. Wobbling may be due to an unstable wax ring or loose bolts. Our skilled plumbers assess the situation and perform necessary repairs to stabilise the toilet and prevent further issues.

Can ABA Plumbing & Gas assist with upgrading to a smart toilet?

Absolutely! ABA Plumbing & Gas can assist with upgrading to a smart toilet for added features and convenience. Our team offers expert installations, ensuring your smart toilet is integrated seamlessly into your bathroom space.

No matter the style of toilet suite ABA Plumbing & Gas can repair, replace or newly install

These days there is a variety of stylish and modern toilet suites available and at ABA Plumbing & Gas we are able to newly install, replace or repair your toilet no matter the style. Our Adelaide plumbers are proficient in all toilet brands and cover all makes including;

  • Concealed toilets
  • Close coupled toilets
  • Link (connector) toilets
  • Wall faced toilets
  • Wall hung toilets
  • Urinals
  • Bidets

Our fully qualified and professional Adelaide plumbers cover both residential and commercial toilet repairs in Adelaide, as well as all toilet replacements and new installations. Same day emergency plumbing, available 24/7.

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