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CCTV Drain Inspections in Adelaide

At ABA Plumbing & Gas we use high quality CCTV drain cameras to ensure accurate imagery along with a time and cost effective solution for your blocked drain repairs in Adelaide. At ABA all our vehicles are equiped with a CCTV sewer camera and locating device. A combination of our highly trained technicians and cctv technology takes out the guess work and can save you thousands. Call us for peace of mind

What is a CCTV drain camera?

A CCTV (closed circuit television) drain camera is a small camera which is attached to a fibre optic cable. This cable is inserted into your pipe and can travel the length, up to 100 meters, to allow for the elimination of guess work when it comes to identifying the cause and location of a blockage, or damage to your pipe work, and are especially effective in blocked stormwater or blocked sewer pipe scenarios.

Why would you need a CCTV drain inspection?

A CCTV drain inspection from ABA Plumbing & Gas is the ideal solution if you seem to have a reoccurring blocked drain in Adelaide. A CCTV drain inspection can eliminate the need for excavation methods to locate the problem within your pipes and allows for a more cost effective, accurate and reliable method for finding and repairing:

  • Broken, cracked or collapsed pipes
  • Sagged or bellied pipes
  • Blocked pipes caused by tree roots or other foreign objects

The use of the CCTV drain camera allows your highly skilled plumber from ABA Plumbing & Gas to quickly identify and asses the problem being caused within your pipes to enable them to determine the next steps to quickly rectify the issue in the most efficient and cost effective manner. This allows for an accurate and long term repair, rather than a quick fix where you will soon see the problem reoccur.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a CCTV drain inspection, and why is it necessary?

A CCTV drain inspection refers to a drainage system where Closed-Circuit Television technology is employed for inspections. A CCTV drain inspection involves using a small waterproof camera attached to a cable to capture real-time footage of the inside of drains and pipes. It’s necessary to identify blockages, leaks, or other issues without invasive measures. ABA Plumbing & Gas utilises this technology for precise diagnostics and efficient drain repair solutions.

How does a CCTV drain inspection work?

A small, waterproof camera is inserted into the drain or pipe. It captures real-time footage, allowing ABA Plumbing & Gas experts to assess the condition of the plumbing system. This method provides accurate insights, enabling targeted repairs or preventive measures.

How far can a drain camera go?

A drain camera’s reach depends on the length of the cable it’s attached to. ABA Plumbing & Gas utilises advanced drain cameras with flexible cables, allowing us to inspect drains and pipes efficiently, reaching various lengths based on the specific needs of the inspection.

When should I consider a CCTV drain inspection?

Consider a CCTV drain inspection if you experience recurring drainage issues, unpleasant odours, or suspect hidden problems within your plumbing. ABA Plumbing & Gas recommends periodic inspections to catch potential issues early and prevent costly repairs

Can a CCTV drain inspection identify tree root intrusions?

Yes, a CCTV drain inspection is effective in identifying tree root intrusions. Our blocked drain plumber Adelaide will use advanced cameras to pinpoint the exact location and extent of tree roots within drains, allowing for precise removal and preventive measures.

How long does a CCTV drain inspection take?

The duration depends on the complexity and length of the plumbing system. Generally, we strive for efficiency, ensuring thorough inspections without unnecessary delays. Our team provides a clear timeframe before starting the inspection.

Is a CCTV drain inspection disruptive to my property?

No, a CCTV drain inspection is non-invasive and causes minimal disruption. Our skilled technicians carefully insert the camera, ensuring a thorough examination without the need for extensive digging or disruption to your property.

What happens after a CCTV drain inspection reveals issues?

If issues are identified, ABA Plumbing & Gas provides a detailed report and recommends appropriate solutions. Whether it’s removing blockages, repairing leaks, or preventing future problems, our team ensures a comprehensive plan tailored to your plumbing needs.

Can a CCTV drain inspection prevent future plumbing problems?

Yes, a CCTV drain inspection can prevent future problems by identifying potential issues before they escalate. ABA Plumbing & Gas offers preventive solutions based on inspection findings, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your plumbing system.

How often should I schedule a CCTV drain inspection for my property?

ABA Plumbing & Gas recommends scheduling a CCTV drain inspection periodically, especially if you’ve encountered previous plumbing and drainage issues. Regular inspections help catch potential problems early, saving you from major repairs and maintaining the health of your plumbing system.

Are sewer cameras worth it?

Yes, sewer cameras are worth it for accurate diagnostics and efficient problem-solving. Our expert blocked drain plumbers find sewer cameras invaluable in identifying issues early, preventing major repairs, and ensuring the longevity of sewer systems.

Is CCTV Drain inspection a messy job?

It is a non-invasive and clean process that involves inserting a small camera into the drain or sewer line. The camera, attached to a flexible cable, navigates through the pipes and captures real-time footage of the interior. This method eliminates the need for digging or excavation, ensuring a tidy and efficient inspection. ABA Plumbing & Gas prioritises cleanliness and minimises disruption to your property while accurately assessing and addressing plumbing issues.

Kitchen or Bathroom Renovations – how a CCTV drain camera can assist

When it comes to kitchen or bathroom renovations it is extremely important to get the job done right the first time, rather than having expensive repair issues pop up at a later date.

ABA Plumbing & Gas are highly skilled and trained in all aspects of Adelaide kitchen and bathroom renovations including the use of a CCTV camera inspection to ensure that your existing plumbing network can handle any increased pressure in relation to the renovation works.

Your Adelaide blocked drain repair experts – CCTV Drain Inspections & Hydro-jets

At ABA Plumbing & Gas we use a variety of equipment to ensure the best plumbing service for our customers. Apart from CCTV drain inspections we also use electric eels and high powered hydro-jets to effectively clean and clear your blocked drains in Adelaide.

A Hydro-jet is an exceptionally high pressured water sprayer that is inserted into your pipes to effectively blast through any stubborn blockages, such as tree root masses, or to reach blockages that the electric eel cannot. Hydro-jetting is especially effective for stormwater and sewer blockages as well as for commercial properties.

For a quality CCTV drain inspection in Adelaide providing a reliable blocked drain repair service with quality workmanship guaranteed call the plumbing experts from ABA Plumbing & Gas 24/7 or book your plumber online.

We provide a same day emergency plumber in Adelaide covering all metro areas with 24/7 availability.   We are a family owned and operated South Australian plumbing business and we pride ourselves on our honest and friendly service with a focus on effective, affordable and sustainable plumbing solutions.

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