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Gas leak problems need immediate attention and it is highly recommended that you do not attempt to do any gas repair work yourself. It is equally risky to use an unqualified tradesperson who does not have specialist gas training or license. The consequence of errors can be quite severe.

We don’t just do your standard plumbing – we are also the most reliable and one of Adelaide’s most trusted gas leak detection and repair specialists. The ABA Plumbing & Gas team has fully licensed and fully experienced gas fitters who can skilfully detect, assess the damage and proceed to fixing it safely. We often find a gas leak within minutes and bring it under control almost immediately. Our expert team uses latest technology and best industry tools to accurately find and repair gas leaks and can manage all installations and removals with utmost safety. Our gas repair work stands the test of time and we can also provide you with an effective gas maintenance plan.

Our comprehensive gas services include:
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Gas pipeline repairs, installation or extensions.
  • Appliance installations
  • Gas BBQ installations
  • Cooktop installations
  • Gas hot water heaters
  • Gas ovens, gas cooktops, gas heaters
  • Outdoor gas heater installations
  • Free quotes on all gas fitting services
  • 24/7 same day Adelaide emergency gas fitting
  • Gas appliance repairs, replacements, servicing or new installations in Natural and LPG gas.

Suspect a gas leak?
Act immediately

When it comes to gas, if you suspect there is a problem act immediately:

  • Isolate gas at the meter (usually has a yellow handle and turn it clockwise so the lever runs against the pipe, not with it – at a right angle to the pipe). If you use LPG gas instead of piped natural gas, find the cylinder and turn the valve clockwise to close.
  • Stop using, and make sure that all gas appliances are turned off.
  • If you use more traditional gas heaters and ovens, follow the instructions on the appliance to extinguish the pilot light.
  • Do not turn light switches or electrical appliances on or off, as they could spark and ignite the gas.
  • Do not smoke or light matches.
  • Open as many windows and doors as possible for ventilation.
  • Extinguish naked flames such as cigarette lighters, candles, oil burners.
  • Do not stay inside your home unnecessarily.
  • Take your phone and go outside the house.
  • Call ABA Plumbing & Gas immediately to book an emergency gas repair visit from one of our licensed gas experts

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I detect a gas leak in my home?

Detecting a gas leak is crucial for safety. Signs include a distinctive odour (similar to rotten eggs), hissing sounds near gas lines, or dead plants around the gas meter. If you suspect a gas leak, evacuate the premises and contact ABA Plumbing & Gas immediately for prompt and professional assistance.

What should I do if I suspect a gas leak?

If you suspect a gas leak, evacuate the area, leave doors and windows open, and avoid using electronic devices or anything that may cause a spark. Contact ABA Plumbing & Gas emergency services promptly for professional assistance.

Can I use my phone if I suspect a gas leak?

If you suspect a gas leak, avoid using your phone or any electronic devices within the affected area, as they can potentially generate sparks. Step outside to a safe distance before calling ABA Plumbing & Gas or emergency services.

How fast can ABA Plumbing & Gas respond to a reported gas leak?

ABA Plumbing & Gas prioritises gas leak reports, aiming for swift responses. Our emergency gas services are available 24/7, ensuring that our expert team can respond promptly to any gas-related concerns.

How long does it usually take to fix a gas leak?

The time to fix a gas leak varies based on factors such as the severity and location of the leak. ABA Plumbing & Gas prioritises gas leak repairs, aiming for prompt responses and efficient resolutions. Our expert team works swiftly to ensure the safety of your home.

How much does it cost to repair a gas leak in Adelaide?

The cost to repair a gas leak in Adelaide depends on factors such as the extent of the leak and the necessary repairs. ABA Plumbing & Gas provides transparent pricing, and our team will discuss costs with you upfront before proceeding with any repairs.

Can ABA Plumbing & Gas assist with both natural gas and LPG leaks?

Yes, ABA Plumbing & Gas is equipped to handle both natural gas and LPG (liquified petroleum gas) leaks. Our gas fitters are experts and trained to assess and address gas leaks for various systems and appliances.

How does ABA Plumbing & Gas repair gas leaks?

ABA Plumbing & Gas employs advanced technology, including gas detectors and imaging, to pinpoint the location of gas leaks. Repairs may involve sealing, replacing damaged lines, or addressing issues with appliances to ensure a secure and lasting solution.

What causes gas leaks in homes?

Gas leaks in homes can result from damaged gas lines, faulty appliances, aging connections, or poor installation. ABA Plumbing & Gas offers thorough inspections to identify the cause of the gas leak and provide effective solutions.

Is it safe to turn off the gas supply if I suspect a leak?

If you suspect a gas leak, it’s safest to evacuate and leave the gas supply untouched. Turning off the gas should be done by professionals from ABA Plumbing & Gas to ensure safety and proper assessment before restoring the supply.

How can I prevent gas leaks in my home?

Regular maintenance, professional installations, and promptly addressing any gas-related issues can help prevent gas leaks. ABA Plumbing & Gas offers gas system inspections and preventive services to ensure the safety of your home.

Can a plumber detect a gas leak?

Yes, skilled plumbers, like those at ABA Plumbing & Gas, can detect gas leaks. We use advanced technology such as gas detectors and imaging to pinpoint the location of leaks, ensuring accurate detection and effective repairs.

Are gas leaks easy to fix?

Gas leaks should only be addressed by trained professionals. While some issues may be straightforward to fix, others can be complex and dangerous. ABA Plumbing & Gas experts are equipped with the skills and tools to handle gas leaks safely and effectively.

Is it normal to smell gas outside your house?

While a faint gas smell outside may not be uncommon, a strong or persistent odour is cause for concern. Contact ABA Plumbing & Gas for a thorough inspection to ensure no gas leaks are posing a risk to your home and the surrounding area.

Call ABA Plumbing & Gas experts at 08 8297 7637 for on time gas leak detection, repair and installation

We are the masters of all types of gas fitting work and are known to promptly identify and fix any gas leaks. Our expert team proficiently replaces or installs any old or worn gas appliances – keeping you and your family safe again. For genuine and fast emergency response across Adelaide and metropolitan area, call ABA Plumbing & Gas. We work around the clock, every day of the year, 24 hours a day including public holidays and will answer your call with prompt arrival across entire Adelaide metropolitan area.

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