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5 Tips For Homeowners on Saving Water and Reducing Water Wastage

As we all have been hearing quite often and rightly so, ‘saving water is more important now than ever before’. With increasing drought concerns and expanding water conservation efforts, it is important to realise and adopt methods to use water in the best possible way and avoid wastage at all costs. There are many low hassle, small steps you can take to limit water use and help the environment while keeping your water bill low.

In this blog we are sharing some steps you can take to conserve water in and around your home – helping the planet and your wallet.

simple ways to save water at home

Time your showers: Most of us enjoy long, hot showers and this can be a major source of water wastage in the home. Long showers are nice but saving water, which is a finite resource, is better. Did you know that if we reduce shower time and limit it to 4 minutes we can reduce water usage by almost 20%. Simply set a timer and save water.

Put a bucket in the shower: Simple and effective this tip can help you reuse the water from showers in your garden. By placing a bucket in your shower, you can catch any excess water. The collected water can then be used for your plants or grass. You would be surprised to see how soon the bucket fills up.

Install water saving shower heads and aerators on taps: As your local plumber this is one tip that we would share with all homeowners as it’s an easy way to save water. Install a water saving shower head and aerators on your taps and enjoy more efficient water usage while maintaining the water pressure. Old taps and shower heads have a very high flow rate and that can be addressed by simply installing the right fixtures. Modern shower heads use far less water and are a wiser option that will save water and money going down the drain.

Fix your taps, repair leaks: A small leak or a running toilet can waste a whole lot of water. Not only is the sound of a dripping tap really annoying but it can waste up 2,000 litres of water a month. A leak can also result in other water damages around your house and must be addressed by a professional plumber immediately.

Install water-saving bathroom accessories: Get in touch with your local Adelaide plumber to find out more about WELS rated water-saving showerhead and water-efficient taps for your bathroom and kitchen. The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) is an excellent way to find water efficient appliances and fixtures that can help you in your endeavour to curb water wastage around your house. Getting WELS rated fixtures will save on water and reduce energy costs.

Optimise your appliance usage: Did you know that dishwashers use significantly less water than washing dishes by hand?! It may be hard to believe but some dishwashers use as little as 6.5 litres of water per cycle which is way less than rinsing the dishes in the sink. Make sure to run your dishwasher only when it’s full and make sure you set the settings to eco before hitting start. The same applies to washing machines – you can reduce your water use by only using it when you have a full load.

Install a dual flush toilet: If you have an old single flush toilet then it is time you consider getting a more efficient dual flush toilet. Before you make the switch make sure to get a professional toilet plumber to properly install it for you. A rookie may install the new toilet improperly resulting in leaks and more wastage of water.

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