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Are Your Taps Running Out Of Hot Water? Read On To Fix It!

Are Your Taps Running Out Of Hot Water? Read On To Fix It!

A properly functioning hot water system is essential in any household as there is nothing worse than an unexpected cold shower. We don’t realise how much we rely on hot water until the unit decides to stop working! As experienced hot water Adelaide plumbers, we have seen our fair share of hot water system disasters and have come across instances when hot water systems always seem to stop working at the most inconvenient of times. Here are the top reasons why you may be running out of hot water, and some simple solutions to make sure your hot water supply is restored as soon as possible.

4 Reasons You’re Running Out Of Hot Water

  1. Your Hot Water System Is Too Small For Your Household Usage

Not all hot water systems are designed to cater to the same size household and as you would have seen they come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on their expected level of usage you can go for electric, gas, solar, heat pump hot water systems with instantaneous and storage tank options. How to tell if your hot water system is the right size for your family? Try turning on the kitchen hot water tap and at the same time turn on your hot water tap in the bathroom sink or the shower. If the water pressure drops in the kitchen tap and there is a difference in the amount of hot water flow then your system is too small.

Solution: Upsize your hot water system. Get a quote on a new hot water system Adelaide with ABA Plumbing & Gas.

  1. Notice Dirty, Muddy Or Smelly Water From Your Hot Water Taps?

With regular usage hot water system tanks tend to accumulate sediment from the naturally occurring minerals like calcium, magnesium, and particulates in your water supply. Due to the heating process these particles settle to the bottom of the tank and if not removed from time to time it can cause leaking, cold showers, odd noises, growth of bacteria, fluctuating water temperatures from too hot to lukewarm and shorten the lifespan of your hot water system.

Solution: Get your unit inspected by a professional hot water plumber and cleaned regularly to maintain your hot water system’s optimum performance.

  1. You’ve Got Thermostat Issues

The one job your hot water system must perform on-demand is to heat up water. If you aren’t getting the water that is hot enough or is lukewarm, that’s a definite sign that your hot water system needs to be looked at by a hot water system expert.

Solution: The element or thermostat in your unit may be faulty and need to be repaired or replaced. Repairing hot water systems is the job of a qualified plumber – call us today to fix this issue for you. It’s always best to call in a professional hot water plumber.

  1. Your Hot Water System Is Too Old

Let’s begin by finding out how old your hot water system is. As a rule of thumb, hot water systems usually last 9-12 years with proper maintenance and regular servicing by a hot water system plumber. If your heater has been around the block, it is good to invest in its preventive maintenance checks annually to catch any signs of deterioration or inconsistencies. The timely repair will lengthen its lifespan and prevent any stressful emergency plumbing situations.

Solution: Talk to ABA Plumbing & Gas Hot Water Plumber today to discuss your new hot water system needs. We will walk you through the different options and help you pick the best one for your needs and budget.

Adelaide Hot Water Plumber 24×7 – We Are Always Around the Corner!

Here at ABA Plumbing & Gas, we’re proud to have the opportunity to provide our customers with 24×7 hot water plumbing services you need to have a comfortable and smoothly functioning home. With a crew of seasoned professionals, we know how to get the job done efficiently and on time every time. If you ever have any Adelaide hot water system questions or concerns or need a hot water repair, replacement, or installation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with ABA Plumbing & Gas by calling our plumbing helpline or filling out our online service request form. If you’re having any issues with your hot water system, do not delay any further, get in touch today.

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