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A Smart Buyers Guide on How to Choose the Best Hot Water System

A hot water system is ubiquitous to any household – no matter how big or small, it is almost impossible to find a home that does not have one! Efficient hot water systems are intended to provide comfortable hot water on demand without wasting any water or energy. Without a properly functioning hot water system all household tasks come to a halt and if recently you have been reduced to searching online for “hot water plumber Adelaide”, “Adelaide hot water system repairs“, “how to fix hot water system”….more times than you can remember, then you must consider replacing the old hot water heater and getting a new unit that serves you and your family for a long time to come.

Replacing your old or faulty hot water system with a new unit can be a daunting task for an average homeowner. At ABA Plumbing & Gas we have successfully repaired and replaced numerous hot water systems across Adelaide and are happy to share some guidelines that you can follow to best fit your needs:

  1. Your Hot Water Needs

This is the most important deciding factor before you finalise a new hot water system. The amount of hot water you would need depends on the size of your family, number of bathrooms and plumbing fixtures in your home. Establish your average hot water usage as that would help in deciding on the type of system you would need.

  1. The Fuel Type

There is a wide range of hot water systems available out there, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Electric, gas, solar, heat pump are the most common hot water system models available, each varying in upfront installation costs and running costs. The most common types of fuel used in household water heating systems are gas and electricity. If you already have a natural gas line at home,

installing a gas hot water system will be a good choice as it will help cut down energy cost. Have a chat with your Adelaide hot water plumber to see which one meets your energy, budget and family’s needs the best.

  1. Energy Efficiency

If you want low running costs and wish to bring down your utility costs, think about installing an energy efficient hot water system that will save you $$$ in the long run. Solar water heaters provide maximum energy efficiency and help reduce carbon footprint. Have a chat with your trusted hot water plumbing team to guide you on the best solar hot water systems for your household.

  1. Size of the Tank

Aside from the fuel, you also need to assess if you must install a storage tank or if you want to heat water as needed. You also need to make sure that the hot water tank size aligns well with the available space in your home. Wrong sized water heater would mean poor energy efficiency. If you are looking for a unit that heats water as and when needed then a continuous flow hot water system will be a good

fit for your needs. These units will only heat the water that you need in real-time, so expect some savings when it comes to the costs of operating them.

  1. The Right Hot Water Plumber

An experienced Adelaide plumber can help you navigate through the technicalities of matching your needs and the size of your house with the available hot water systems in the market. Please reach out to your local hot water plumber before you invest in a new one.

We hope this guide will be of help to choose the best hot water system for the convenience of your home. If you want advice from professional hot water experts, then give us a call now at ABA Plumbing & Gas. Our technicians are fully familiar with all makes and models of hot water systems. We’ve got you covered!

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Book Online Now and receive $55 off*

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