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General Plumbing Solutions

Nearly every home owner will have a few tools on hand to tackle a small blocked drains Adelaide to avoid a plumbing fee. If you are handy around the house and don’t mind getting a bit dirty small blocked drains under the sink or basin can sometimes be fixed quite easily.

You can buy a plunger from your hardware store and attempt to plunge the drain from above the sink. To do this you will need to fill the sink with water, pull the plug out and very quickly put the plunger in the sink covering the whole of waste pipe. SO now you should have the sink full of water with the plunger in the sink working as a plug, so water cannot pass. You can slightly lift one side of the plunger and allow water to enter the drain. As it does this you can pump the plunger back and forth. Continue letting water pass more and more until the sink is empty. This process should take about 1-2 minutes. If it doesn’t work the 1st time try a couple more. If still no success you may need to call ABA plumbing to get further advice and potentially use the drain machine to clear the blockage. Were 24/7 so call when ever you feel the need 8297 7637

1. Low water pressure

If you have been experiencing low pressure, a slow drip or no water at all every time you turn the tap or shower on, then you have a problem. Low water pressure in Adelaide is usually caused by leaks, broken water heater, burst pipe leaking behind walls or blocked pipes. Sometimes it can even be a boundary valve which is located at your water meter. Sometimes all you need to do is adjust the valve and twist it anti-clock wise to allow more pressure to enter the property. This can avoid a plumbing fee. If you have no success you may need to call ABA plumbing to further investigate on 82977637
Call a professional plumber to inspect and diagnose the cause for low water pressure and fix the problem expertly. We can usually diagnose the issue within 30 mins and advise you your best options for the repair

2. Dripping Taps

Did you know that a leaking or dripping tap can waste thousands of liters water? A drip a second for 1 year is equivalent to 8881.227 liters. That’s nearly $800 a year. It is a problem that is bad for the environment and can add up to a huge water bill for you. Do not wait any longer and call a professional plumber to easily solve the annoying issue. Its easy, call ABA before midday and your guaranteed same day service 8297 7637

3. Slow Drainage or no drainage

If slow drainage has become a normal thing in your bathroom or kitchen then it could mean a serious underlying problem with your plumbing. You can try plunging your toilet drain which connects to all the drainage but most of the time it won’t do much. Most people wait until there is a problem with the drainage before they call a plumber and sometimes when people wait that long the repair becomes much more costly as cracks in drains caused by roots or unstable earth only get bigger which makes it more difficult to unblock with the machine sometimes resulting in a drain dig up. By clearing your drains yearly, you are pro longing the life of your drain and potentially saving thousands of dollars in repairs. Kitchen pipes get clogged up due to grease, hardened leftover food and bathroom blockages are caused by hair, toilet paper, personal hygiene products that run down the drains.  We can get to any pipe with our professional tools to pinpoint the blockage or clogging that could be the cause for slow water drainage. We Have Hydro Jets and Marco drain machines which is the latest technology in drain cleaning equipment. We can even use a camera to locate the issue and potentially save you thousands

4. No Hot Water

No hot water in the taps? Make sure there is power to the hot water before you call a plumber. This can save you a call out fee.  You can even call ABA plumbing to get free advice over the phone and we can guide you how to relight your gas Hot Water service, and yes we have 24/7 support. Its that easy 8297 7637

Get professional advice for your Adelaide hot water plumbing. As hot water experts, we specialize in hot water system repairs, installations and can service any old or new, electric, gas or solar hot water system. We offer same day service so you wont be left with a cold shower

5. Pipe Knocking

If you hear knocking in your pipes after or during use like in the shower, while using the sink or when filling the bathtub, then you may have a few issues within your system. It could be as little as tap washers or unbracketed pipes. You should consider calling an expert to examine the situation. The sounds could be due to pressure building in the pipes that can be damaging in the long run causing leaks or breaks. If you hear these noises make sure you engage a plumber as it will only get worse, and don’t worry our technicians can usually diagnose issues like these within ½ an hour. call ABA today 82977637


Don’t worry – if you notice one or multiple of these and you have tried all the plumbing tips above and still no success, Rely on the best plumbing service in Adelaide, ABA Plumbing & Gas experts to have these plumbing issues resolved fast, efficiently and effectively. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! We’re 24/7 emergency response and family owned.

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Book Online Now and receive $55 off*

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