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Hot Water

What if I have an instant hot water or continuous flow unit not working?

If your finding that you have no hot water to your tankless HWS you have a few thinks you can do before you call a plumber

  • Most of these units have a PowerPoint so the first thing you should do is see if you have power to it. Unplug the unit at the lead and plug in a small appliance like a hair dryer. If the hair dryer is not working you may need to further investigate the electrical board or call an electrician.
  • If there is no Power Point on your instant or continuous flow hot water, it is likely you have a pilot model unit. Go to the unit and there will usually be a glass panel at the front you can look through to see if the pilot is on. If you cannot see a flame through the glass the issue may be an easy fix. You may just need to re light your unit as wind can sometimes blow the pilot out. Using the prompts on the cover of the HWS you will find how to re light your unit.
  • If it’s a Gas unit check other gas appliances and make sure that you have gas to your cooktop. If you do not have gas to other appliances you may need to call your energy provider as you may have a gas meter issue

How to pro long the life of my hot water service cylinder (electric and gas)

Replacing your sacrificial anode every 5 years is crucial and inexpensive

A sacrificial anode is a metal rod made from aluminum or magnesium, which is inside your hot water tank. The sacrificial anode is designed to attract minerals and impurities in the water which would otherwise attack the inside of the tank and cause it to rust and deteriorate.

The anode is installed to protect the tank from rusting and replacing the anode every 5 years will definitely give you more life out of your tank for a fraction of the cost. You can have an anode installed for around $220.00 depending on installation and brand and it could give you another 5 years tank life. If you read Manufactures recommendations in the booklet you would of received with your tank they highly recommend this every 5 years

7 signs that your hot water system needs servicing or replacing

Once you call out your local hot water repair person to fix your hot water system, you’ll be faced with a dilemma: do you repair the system for a fraction or replace the entire unit for the long-term reassurance? Time is an added pressure, as you’ll need to make the decision instantly to avoid any water damage from your faulty system. These six factors will help you weigh up knowing whether it’s time to replace, or a repair will adequately solve the issue.

  1. If The temperature fluctuates
    It’s normal for your system to take a few minutes to reach the desired temperature, but if you’re noticing ups and downs throughout your shower, then it could be trying to tell you that something is wrong. It may not be icy cold bursts either—even lukewarm water patches can be signs of a problem.
  2. If You’re noticing signs of wear
    Age alone is far from the best predictor of hot water system performance. Some higher end systems can work for 12 years and beyond without hassle—it’s not worth replacing these ‘just in case’. Instead, you’ll want to physically inspect your system for other signs of damage, like rust.
  3. If The water looks different
    It’s one thing to inspect the system, but have you considered looking at the water being produced? If there’s internal rust, then it could tint your water with a faint brown or yellow. A plumber will be the best one to chat to here, as this could be a symptom of any number of issues, not solely with your system.
  4. If The tank is leaking
    This is a sure-fire way to know that you’ll need a replacement. Repairs will be unlikely to fix issues arising from internal damage and will be very costly. A new tank will be the most cost-effective approach long term.
  5. If The System is getting old
    Hot water systems can last from anywhere from 6 to 12 years. It’s a significant span, but various brands will have varying qualities. If it’s been longer than six years since your system was installed, it’s a good idea to seriously consider replacement. To find the age of the unit theres usually a compliance plate on the side of the unit which has a date or manufacture. If you struggle finding the date, call a plumber Adelaide as we can usually help locate the D.O.M
  6. If the tank is not draining through the relief valves
    Maintenance can prevent this issue from occurring, but once you notice that the valve isn’t draining, then it’s likely too far gone and you’ll want to replace the valves.
    Contrary to what you might first assume, your hot water system won’t just fail without warning. Sure, in the past you may have woken up one morning only to be faced with an icy cold shower, but there were likely a suite of symptoms along the way that were missed. You can also use this checklist to consider whether your current system might benefit from a maintenance check.
  7. If in doubt, a maintenance check once a year can help to flush out any sediment that has built up in your system, and pick up any issues early on when they can be easily fixed, ensuring your system will enjoy a longer lifespan.
  8. No hot water at all
    If you find that your HWS is not giving hot water at all. The first thing you should do is go to the unit and investigate if there’s a leak in the tank. If there is no leak in the tank and everything looks normal, this is a good sign and in most cases are repairable. If you find water is leaking out the tank this generally means that it is beyond repair and you may be up for a new HWS.

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