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Adelaide Plumber Shares Early Signs Of A Blocked Drain

Adelaide Plumber Shares Early Signs Of A Blocked Drain

Get Your Home Summer Ready With These Plumbing Tips

Summer in Adelaide means warm sun, longer days, more fun with family and friends enjoying the great outdoors. As mercury heats up an average household water consumption goes up as there are more showers, more laundry, more dishes to wash after BBQs and not to forget the backyard hose and pools for kids on a hot day. All this puts additional pressure on your plumbing which can lead to minor issues, breakdowns, and damage. To avoid last minute plumbing issues every homeowner must consider preventative maintenance as that can help keep expensive repair bills at bay.

Timely plumbing services can go a long way in ensuring your plumbing system keeps performing smoothly. Here are a few tips from our Adelaide plumbers at ABA Plumbing & Gas for some simple to follow summer plumbing tests around your home to make sure your plumbing is well maintained. With these handy tips make sure your showers, toilets, sinks, taps, and pipes are all ready for summer fun!

5 tips to Shares Early Signs Of A Blocked Drain

#1 Say Goodbye To Blocked Drains Adelaide: Summers are the perfect time to enjoy backyard parties and family catch ups and that means more cooking and feasting. Make sure no food scraps, oils, sauces, and debris are being washed down the kitchen drain as it can lead to blockages and clogs. Read our blog on what does down the drain to find out more. To prepare your plumbing for summer it’s a good idea to periodically clean your drains. You can use vinegar + baking soda + hot water treatment to get rid of small clogs but if you need fast and effective professional drain cleaning Adelaide then get in touch with our team for 24×7 service.

#2 Confirm That Your Hot Water Heater Works: When was the last time you inspected your hot water system? As the most neglected appliance and plumbing fixture in a house, it is important to inspect your unit from time to time and summers are a good time to initiate any hot water repairs, replacements, or installations. It is recommended to visually check your hot water system to see if there are any signs of damage, leaks, rusting, or any other sign of distress. Check the piping and valves closely and inspect the unit from top to bottom to see if everything looks good. When inspecting, look for cracks and any wear and tear. It only takes five minutes, but it can save you from wasting precious water and enables you to deal with small issues before they escalate and get worse, costing more money and time.

#3 Install water saving shower heads and aerators on taps: As your local plumber this is one tip that we would share with all homeowners as it’s an easy way to save water. Install a water saving shower head and aerators on your taps and enjoy more efficient water usage while maintaining the water pressure. Old taps and shower heads have a high flow rate and that can be addressed by simply installing the right fixtures. Modern shower heads use far less water and are a wiser option that will save water and money going down the drain.

#4 Fix your taps, repair leaks: A small leak or a running toilet can waste a whole lot of water. Not only is the sound of a dripping tap annoying but it can waste up 2,000 litres of water a month. A leak can also result in other water damages around your house and must be addressed by a professional plumber immediately.

#5 Install water-saving bathroom accessories: Get in touch with your local Adelaide plumber to find out more about WELS rated water-saving showerhead and water-efficient taps for your bathroom and kitchen. The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) is an excellent way to find water efficient appliances and fixtures that can help you in your endeavour to curb water wastage around your house. Getting WELS rated fixtures will save on water and reduce energy costs.

At ABA Plumbing & Gas we hope that this information has helped shed some light on some of the handier plumbing tips for summer season. If you are ever unsure of the plumbing work do not hesitate to ask questions so that you can feel confident in the plumbing services being provided.

Call ABA Plumbing & Gas on 08 8297 7637 or book online for a fast response. Our reliable and professional blocked drain technicians are available 24/7.

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