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Difference between Plumber and Gasfitter

Are you looking for a professional to connect your premises to the natural gas line in your local area? Or do you need a safe connection to use gas for heating water? Is it your gas heater that needs to be installed, ready for use in the winter season? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you need a licensed gas fitter. Gasfitters are professionally qualified, trained, and insured contractors to carry out any fittings, inspections, appliances, systems, pipes work for various gas-related jobs. If your work involves any installation, testing, repair, maintenance, servicing or connection of gas pipes, gas lines etc. then you should call a professional Adelaide gasfitter to get the job done right, the first time. A qualified and trained gasfitter will be able to skilfully work throughout residential homes and commercial properties, making sure the gas work is done as per Australian standards. From gas cooktops to outdoor appliances, gas water heaters to hot water systems, and BBQs to pizza ovens, gasfitters can also provide emergency repairs and maintenance services for these appliances and damaged gas lines.

Gasfitter vs Plumber

Gasfitters are not the same as plumbers. While they both may seem like similar jobs as both the roles deal with pipes and repair work, plumbing and gas fittings are different trades. The tradesmen who work as a plumber or gas fitters receive different qualifications, training, and work license to carry out legal work anywhere in Australia. However, it is not unusual to find contractors who have the required qualifications and training to perform both plumbing and gas work for residential and commercial clients. A plumber’s role typically involves pipe installation, repair, blockage removal, fittings, work with plumbing fixtures and pipe disconnection. Plumbers who are not qualified in gas work are not able to provide any gas services to clients. Gas pipes and fittings are much more dangerous than regular pipes and fixtures that carry water, so you need professional experts for any regular or emergency call-out.

Why Hire An Adelaide Gas Fitter?

  • All gas related work in Australia must always be completed by a fully licensed gas fitter.
  • It is illegal and dangerous for your well-being to let any untrained individuals repair or install gas appliances, gas pipelines etc. on your property.
  • If you have any gas appliances in your home, get an Adelaide gas fitter to install them perfectly.
  • Rely on a trusted gasfitter Adelaide for all future servicing, maintenance and repair work of your gas pipelines and gas appliances.
  • Do not attempt DIY or skimp money by hiring a rookie to do any gas work. All gas work must be completed by a fully licensed gas fitter in Australia.
  • A professional gas fitter will be able to give you a work completion certificate for safety reasons and provide you with quality assurance and peace of mind.

Reliable Gas Services From Your Local Adelaide Gas Fitter

When it comes to gas, it is wise to not use shortcuts and hire the right person for the job. Hopefully, our blog has helped you understand the difference between a plumber and a gasfitter. Here at ABA Plumbing & Gas, our team of plumbing professionals are also fully licensed gas fitters who can swiftly assist you with any gas related issue. We are available 24×7, throughout the year, which means that relief for your gas and water problems is never far away! For peace of mind and trustworthy gas service and gas repair anywhere in Adelaide give our team of plumbing experts a call. All our tradesmen are fully qualified, licensed, insured and exceptionally skilled to carry out top quality work for your gas and plumbing needs. Contact us today to get an instant quote!

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Book Online Now and receive $55 off*

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