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Help! Why Do My House Drains Keep Getting Blocked?

  • Are you dealing with a recurring blocked drain problem?
  • Has blocked drains become the bane of your plumbing system?
  • Tired of DIY methods that don’t seem to work anymore?

Keep reading more from Adelaide blocked drains plumber about why you’re having this issue in the first place, how to prevent this plumbing problem before it becomes a bigger issue and how to organise a professional drain clearing with the least hassle to you.

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing issues for Adelaide households and it is something we all want to avoid. If you are facing drain issues, again and again, it is likely a warning sign of a bigger problem in your drains that you must fix immediately. Drain problems are hugely inconvenient so it’s important you know what you’re dealing with and seek a professional Adelaide blocked drain plumber to remedy your situation for good.

Reasons for Drain Blockages

Some of the most common reasons that we have come across for recurrent Adelaide drain blockages are:

  • Bad installation: Poor plumbing installation or errors made by the plumber while installing your drainage system can lead to incorrect flow and recurrent blockages. Always have a good, experienced, and licensed plumber install your pipes and drainage system to ensure 100% efficiency and to avoid costly repairs.
  • Broken pipes: If your toilet, sinks, bathtub, or shower is draining slowly even after multiple attempts to clear the line, you may have fractured or broken pipes due to general wear and tear or from tree roots invasion. Pipes can break over time and fractured pipes are the beginning stage that will eventually lead to a sewage backup as its more susceptible to blockages. Using harsh chemicals or drain cleaners to get rid of a slow drain and blockage can lead to more harm. Chemicals sit in the pipe and eat away at the PVC or cast iron leading to severely damaged pipes that need replacement.
  • Foreign objects: Another big reason for clogged drains is foreign objects or toiletry items. If you mindlessly toss down the drain, things such as diapers, nappies, wet wipes, napkins, sanitary products, soap bars, kid’s toys, and excessive tissue paper, would significantly increase the chances of having a drain or sewer clog.
  • Food particles and grease: grease, fat and scraps of food that go down the kitchen sink are common culprits for drain clogs and stubborn blockages. Many homeowners don’t know this, but grease is perhaps the nastiest and hardest drain issues to deal with. Grease clogged drains are a frustrating experience for any homeowner as everything gets smelly, messy, and unhygienic.
  • Hair: another quite common cause for blocked drains and very easily ignored by homeowners. While simple to remove before it travels further down the pipes, it can contribute to stubborn blockages in the drainpipe.

Clearing Blocked Drains, The Right Way

Drains get blocked for a variety of different reasons, so it is important to determine the exact cause and location to develop the best strategy to solve it. Using advanced technology and plumbing expertise, an experienced Adelaide plumber can professionally inspect, diagnose, clear, and fully repair your blocked drains. Advanced CCTV inspection and high-pressure hydro-jetting are the most effective blocked drain repair technology making the whole process fuss-free and time saving without the need for any exterior digging. Say no to costly and unnecessary excavation or replacement and get in touch with a blocked drain plumber Adelaide to find a long-term solution to your recurring problem.

Do you have a blocked drain or pipe at your home? Call ABA Plumbing & Gas on 08 8297 7637 or book online for a fast response. Our blocked drain technicians are available 24/7.

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