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DIY Home Maintenance: Useful Plumbing Tips

Plumbing issues can be big or small and can strike at odd hours and when you least expect it. The best and safest thing to do is to call a professional plumber Adelaide. Hopefully, you have a trusted and reliable plumber on speed dial already. If not, look on the internet for a reputable Adelaide plumber who can be at your doorstep immediately and has the expertise to fix all plumbing or gas woes. If it’s a plumbing emergency like a blocked drain, broken pipes or no hot water, you do not want to attempt DIY or wait too long. DIY plumbing projects should be avoided unless you are experienced and have access to the proper plumbing equipment and installation techniques used by the professionals.

However, there are times when DIY fixes and installations are perfectly safe and can be performed by homeowners with ease. In this guide, we share some DIY tips to remember when fixing simple plumbing issues that come up from time to time. With these tips, you can swiftly solve plumbing problems before or as they come up.


TIP 1: Invest in a Good Plunger

Every household should have a good plunger. That’s a basic plumbing tool you need for keeping your plumbing systems well-maintained. Get yourself a high-quality plunger as it will help you relieve basic toilet and sink clog issues most of the times.

TIP 2: Don’t Have a Plunger? Unclog Without One!

But what if you don’t happen to own a plunger at the moment and have a blocked toilet situation to deal with? Don’t worry as there are other effective ways to unblock smaller blockages or unclog a toilet without one. You can start by using a box of baking soda and a bottle of vinegar. Just mix and pour down the drain, wait up to an hour or longer, and see if you can flush the toilet. Or you could also use a metal hanger to poke the obstruction to release the drain clog.

TIP 3: Leaking Fixtures

Leaks and drips should never be ignored as these can severely affect your water bill aside from wasting litres of water every day. Shower drips, leaking taps, running toilet or another seemingly minor plumbing leak should be attended to right away. Look for a simple fix by adjusting or tightening the fixtures. If you can’t find the problem, call your plumber right away.

TIP 4: Shower Issues Resolved

Are you having troubles with water pressure in the shower? While this can be caused by a number of factors, the problem usually has to do with the showerhead. If your shower is old then it’s time to replace with a new one. Basic showerheads can be quite inexpensive and can mean a quick and effective fix to this problem.


We know DIY is a tempting solution to some of simpler plumbing woes, however, your results simply won’t be the same. When your plumbing situation becomes a real problem, it is time to call in the professionals for help. Get a qualified and trained plumber to diagnose and repair the issue for a professional outcome. Expert repair and installation can help to prevent costly problems in the long run. A licensed plumber will ensure that any plumbing disasters are avoided.

If you’d like assistance with your plumbing repairs, or if you need help with scheduling regular maintenance and prevention services to avoid a plumbing disaster, our team at ABA Plumbing & Gas can help. When things are critical you cannot afford to choose a plumbing company that does not have the expertise or doesn’t provide immediate assistance at all times of the day and night. ABA Plumbing & Gas team of expert plumbers is available 24×7, any time of the day or week. Give us a call to find out more information today!

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