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Unlocking Rheem Hot Water Error Codes

Unlocking Rheem Hot Water Error Codes

Your Rheem continuous flow water heater is a silent hero in the background of your daily routine. Maintaining the optimal performance of your Rheem hot water system is paramount, and the key is in adhering to the specified maintenance outlined in the Rheem hot water owner’s guide. This ensures not only efficiency but also the safety of your hot water system. However, this smart unit can occasionally communicate with you through error codes displayed on its LED panel. But what do you do when these codes appear, and what do they mean? In this guide, we are demystifying the cryptic language of Rheem hot water error codes. Let’s delve into the most common codes, understand their implications, and equip you with the knowledge to address or seek professional assistance from a hot water plumber.

Understanding Rheem Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Error Codes

Error codes serve as the language your Rheem hot water system uses to communicate issues. While these may vary per product, for current Rheem hot water systems, understanding the error codes is crucial. Consult your manual for specific details, but as of now, here’s a snapshot of common error codes:

03: EZ Link

05: Imperfect Combustion Alarm

10: Abnormal low rate combustion

11: Ignition failure at start-up

LPG users check Propane bottle level. Close hot tap, cycle power on and off at GPO and open hot tap again. If fault re-occurs book service call.

12: Flame failure during operation

14: Over heating

15: Very high temperature

16: Outlet water temp too high

24: Operational switch faulty

29: Heat Exchanger Outlet Temp. Too Low

31: Inlet thermistor open circuit

32: Heat exchanger thermistor open circuit

33: Outlet thermistor open circuit

34: Ambient air thermistor open circuit

35: Thermistor connections crossed

51: Gas cut off malfunction (SV0 failure)

52: P.G.F.R control failure

56: Bypass solenoid failure

61: Abnormal fan speed or fan failure

65: Malfunction of water volume control motor

66: Water By-Pass Control Fault

71: G.I.S valve control failure

72: Detected false flame

73: Vent type control data failure

74: Communication problem between the remote controller and water heater

75 | 76 | 79: Fan motor current detection failure

80: Gas cut off defective

81: No false flame detected

82: Functional problem on gas type circuit board

90: Decrease in fan motor ventilation.

99: Decrease in fan motor ventilation. (Operation stop)

Attempting to diagnose or repair your Rheem continuous flow water heater independently can pose risks and potentially lead to further damage. Ignoring error codes and continuing to use the unit with unresolved issues may result in more significant damage and costly repairs. In some instances, it can even jeopardise safety.

When in Doubt, Opt for a Service Call, but Consider These Troubleshooting Steps

In various scenarios, opting for a service call is the most effective solution. However, before reaching that point, several issues can be resolved by performing the following troubleshooting steps:

Check the Gas Supply: Ensure a steady and sufficient gas supply to address potential issues related to gas flow.

Cycle Power Off and On Again: Sometimes, a simple power cycle can reset the system and resolve minor faults. Turn the power off, wait a moment, and then power it back on.

By exploring these initial troubleshooting measures, you might save time and hassle. If issues persist or are more complex, don’t hesitate to schedule a professional service call with a hot water plumber Adelaide for a comprehensive solution.

Trust the Hot Water Experts at ABA Plumbing & Gas

If you encounter any error codes with your Rheem hot water system, don’t take chances. Contact a qualified service provider like ABA Plumbing & Gas for prompt assistance. Our team ensures your safety, prevents potential harm, and guarantees your unit functions properly.

Give us a call, and we look forward to providing expert hot water system repairs for your requirements. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.

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