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Adelaide Burst Pipe? Minimise Water Damage With These Useful Tips

Are you in the middle of a burst pipe crisis? It can be a hugely inconvenient and unfortunate event for any homeowner or a business owner. Depending on the damage caused it can be one of the costliest maintenance issues that you may face as a property owner. A burst pipe can flood your kitchen or bathroom, damage your property, and quickly become an out of hand emergency that has the potential of causing great damage and costing you thousands of dollars in repair work. When you find yourself in the middle of a burst pipe situation, responding accurately and swiftly can save you the hassle and out of pocket cost while resolving the issue efficiently. It is important that you try to limit the damage as much as possible by taking immediate action and following these helpful tips shared by the Adelaide burst pipe plumber.

Act Quickly – Take These Steps:

Turn off the water supply immediately: This should be your very first step. As soon as you suspect a burst or damaged pipe on your property, turn off the entire water supply from the main valve to minimise flooding – typically the most expensive damage to fix. It is essential for all occupants to know the location of the main water supply valve and the steps to shut it off when needed.

Turn off the electricity: Once you’ve shut off the water supply make sure you carefully assess the damage and inspect the area impacted by the leak. It is a good idea to also turn off the electricity if the water leak or flooding is close to the electrical system. Contact your electrician and turn off the circuit breakers in the affected areas and stay away from electronics that may have been damaged by the water.

Call a local burst pipe Adelaide plumber: For your own safety and to mitigate the water damage avoid taking any action that may cause even more damage. It is best you call a professional and licensed plumber to inspect and fix the burst pipe and faulty plumbing. A qualified and experienced plumber will expertly locate the source of the ruptured pipe and skilfully repair it.

Remove excess water and get your property ready for repair work:

While you wait for the plumber to arrive, clean it up by removing as much water as possible—as quickly as possible. Use a mop, sponges, or towels to soak up all the excess water to prevent long-term damage due to moisture build-up.

Stop The Damage – Get Professional Help Now!

We can’t stress enough that burst pipes and the associated water damage are something you absolutely want to avoid as a property owner. Don’t get yourself caught in this Adelaide plumbing emergency and investing in proactive maintenance will save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress. Routine service and maintenance of your plumbing system and pipes can dramatically reduce the risk of burst pipes and accompanying damage.

Unfortunately, despite all prevention tips burst pipes remain a problem and when the crisis strikes you need a reliable plumber you can call on. When you need swift action plumbing repair it’s comforting to know whether it is 3 AM on a Sunday morning or 1 PM on a public holiday you have a dependable and efficient plumbing service who can help. Make sure that you have ABA Plumbing & Gas emergency contact on speed dial for such unforeseen plumbing issues. Our qualified Adelaide plumber can be at your doorstep ASAP and offer comprehensive plumbing services to help you 24×7. For professional plumbing services, contact us any time of the day or night.

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